For a while, I thought I had an out-of-body experience similar to that of the Apostle Paul (2 Corinthians 12:2-4). Then, I thought I might have had a vision. However, after the Lord had shown this to me about twenty-two times…I believed I saw heaven’s signature on the spark of life.

‘Extraordinary Encounters’ is a nonfiction true mystery that is one in a billion: Cover, the Lord’s historical masterpiece never seen before, as in Revelation chapter 1. A specter as a pig is seen walking the streets and suddenly transforms into a human-like figure. An exorcise is performed on a former back-up singer of a famous pop singer. Checkout the encounters of a Ghost town and the witches who were teased by the protagonist. Whom God empowered and will empower you to overcome the odds against you and have your own extraordinary encounters.

Anyone who has already witnessed the extraordinary activities of God will be even more encouraged with Jesse’s account of his life, and anyone who has yet to have such an experience will be enlightened. The Lord’s revelations are challenging and exciting, and Jesse is an example in seizing the moment. After reading his story, you will be empowered to overcome the odds against you and have your own Extraordinary Encounters.